Your results present a snapshot of your life — the higher the percentage, the greater satisfaction you feel with that particular area. Look at your completed Wheel and ask yourself: if my life is riding on this Wheel, how bumpy is the journey?

For each area, consider the following questions and look for yourself to where you might be able to make an impact. It may involve making different choices or commitments, shifting your perspective, or even eliminating outdated habits or structures that no longer serve you. Utilize the Resources section on this site for further self-exploration.

Reflect on the current state of your physical and mental health. Are you proactive in how you approach your health, or are you reactive to issues as they arise? What kinds of support structures might you need to help you more easily maintain your fitness, mental health, and levels of stress?

Think about your single, dating, or partnered lives. How might you become more open to being present and taking risks for the sake of intimacy? If single, are you actively creating opportunities for meeting new people? Are you clear about boundaries and "deal breakers" in potential mates? If partnered, perhaps there is somewhere you might take the lead in the areas of communication and collaboration.

Fun and Recreation
What actions have you been taking in this area? How long ago was your last vacation or simple experience of playtime? Do you regularly carve out time to decompress, relax, and nurture yourself?

Physical Environment
Consider your space at home and the area where you live. Do you feel that your living environment nourishes and supports you? Is your living space an expression of who you are as a person? Does the level of order in your surroundings serve you or stress you? Is your home located in a place where your needs are met and you feel safe?

Consider how you are spending your time and energy in the area of your career. Do you find your work fulfilling? Does your work environment support who you are? Are there ways you could actively create opportunities for growth and development in your position? Do you feel your current job or occupation is an expression of who you are?

Regardless of how much money you have, do you feel your needs are being met? Are you free from worry and anxiety about money? What steps could you take to better manage your personal finances and budget?

Spirituality/Personal Growth
Consider your knowledge of self and sense of connection to something larger than you. Do you regularly engage in activities that allow you to know yourself on a deeper level and help you to grow as a person? Are you willing to both celebrate your magnificence and authentically address the areas that aren’t working? Do you have a belief system that sustains you no matter what circumstances life throws at you?

Friends and Family
Do you have a network of people in your life that nourishes you or drags you down? Do you make time for cultivating current and new friendships? Are you satisfied with the level of contact you have with your family? Do you make attempts to create the experience of family in your life, whether or not it is with your biological relatives?